December 17, 2017

Holiday Specials

The Holidays are fast approaching!

It’s time for the holidays which can be stressful.  Working long hours?  Busy with family and friends?  No time or energy?

Let us help you!

We are offering discount coupons for work that may need to be done on your home or for someone you know.  Buy the handyman services coupons as gifts for family / friends, and for the upcoming holidays (think stocking stuffers!)

Something new for 2017:

Holiday decorating and Christmas tree cutting/delivery services.

Holiday Decorating can be anything from hanging Halloween skeletons to putting up the lights around your home for Christmas.  We will even help you decorate your tree.  Our regular rate for handyman work is $55 an hour,  but for your holiday decorating needs our rate is only $25 an hour through New Years.

Christmas Tree cutting and Delivery is just that!  Most store bought trees are cut in September and are already drying out by the time you pick them up at the store.  We have paired up with Silver Star Tree Farm to get the best prices on fresh, organically grown trees and to have them delivered to you at your convenience.  Trees are cut just before Thanksgiving so that they will be fresh all the way through New Years!  We will deliver any tree up to 9 feet, anywhere in the Seattle area, Shoreline, and Edmonds for $20.

Do you need information on selecting your tree or tree costs?

 Happy Holidays!